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fell off the wagon – and I’ll need to get going again.

3 Sep

LBS FROM GOAL: 94.3Well, this is humbling.  The beginning of the new school year and its demands really put me off of making healthy choices and sticking to my healthy habits.  Not to take things lightly, I started doing a little research…and decided to go with the guru who inspired me in the past: Bob Harper. 


Joke all you want – but when I did his dvds and followed his advice – I lost 40lbs.  When I quit following? I gained it back and then some. So, I bought his book, Jump Start to Skinny and plan to give it a go.  Lots of rules, but I need rules and structure.  I read another bloggers (http://ataleoftwothirtysomethings.wordpress.com/) and they found some success with it – in addition to providing a grocery list!
a lot of this food I have never heard of! Seriously, who knew Quinoa existed, or that there was a product called “Ezekial Bread”? I prepared all my meals tonight for tomorrow, so that should help me from breaking away.  Lets hope.
fingers crossed.