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Return Victorious – and down a bunch of weight

3 Mar

LBS to goal = 54!!!!


Hey friends.  Sorry it took so long to update.  My laptop died in October, and thanks to the TAX RETURN fairy, I bought a new computer by which to keep you updated.   I’ve lost forty pounds!  I got frustrated with essentially fighting my body.  I was tired all the time, working out, dieting – and to little result.  So, I went to a bariatric specialist and got on a Weight Loss program.  They tested a bunch of my blood and discovered I have HYPOTHYROIDISM – which essentially means my metabolism doesn’t work.  It also screwed up a bunch of other stuff too, and now that I have been on the program for five weeks, I have never felt better.  My lifestyle (diet) changed dramatically.  I gave up carbs and sugars, but now I have a ton of energy, so I don’t miss it much.

What I eat daily:  I eat 12oz a day of lean meats, three fruits, and about four cups of greens a day.  And a gallon of water.  The first week was hard, but eventually I got better at it.  I am not lying – I feel so much better physically and mentally.  My workouts are cleaner and more dynamic, and I signed up for two 5k races this Spring.


It’s been good, and hopefully tomorrow I can post some before/during pictures.


What I do in the gym:  I go by the 30 or 3 rule;  I either do cardio for thirty minutes straight, or I do three miles of my bounce-walk-run. I try to mix it up with circuit training with weights, but that is about twice a week.