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Return Victorious – and down a bunch of weight

3 Mar

LBS to goal = 54!!!!


Hey friends.  Sorry it took so long to update.  My laptop died in October, and thanks to the TAX RETURN fairy, I bought a new computer by which to keep you updated.   I’ve lost forty pounds!  I got frustrated with essentially fighting my body.  I was tired all the time, working out, dieting – and to little result.  So, I went to a bariatric specialist and got on a Weight Loss program.  They tested a bunch of my blood and discovered I have HYPOTHYROIDISM – which essentially means my metabolism doesn’t work.  It also screwed up a bunch of other stuff too, and now that I have been on the program for five weeks, I have never felt better.  My lifestyle (diet) changed dramatically.  I gave up carbs and sugars, but now I have a ton of energy, so I don’t miss it much.

What I eat daily:  I eat 12oz a day of lean meats, three fruits, and about four cups of greens a day.  And a gallon of water.  The first week was hard, but eventually I got better at it.  I am not lying – I feel so much better physically and mentally.  My workouts are cleaner and more dynamic, and I signed up for two 5k races this Spring.


It’s been good, and hopefully tomorrow I can post some before/during pictures.


What I do in the gym:  I go by the 30 or 3 rule;  I either do cardio for thirty minutes straight, or I do three miles of my bounce-walk-run. I try to mix it up with circuit training with weights, but that is about twice a week.


fell off the wagon – and I’ll need to get going again.

3 Sep

LBS FROM GOAL: 94.3Well, this is humbling.  The beginning of the new school year and its demands really put me off of making healthy choices and sticking to my healthy habits.  Not to take things lightly, I started doing a little research…and decided to go with the guru who inspired me in the past: Bob Harper. 


Joke all you want – but when I did his dvds and followed his advice – I lost 40lbs.  When I quit following? I gained it back and then some. So, I bought his book, Jump Start to Skinny and plan to give it a go.  Lots of rules, but I need rules and structure.  I read another bloggers (http://ataleoftwothirtysomethings.wordpress.com/) and they found some success with it – in addition to providing a grocery list!
a lot of this food I have never heard of! Seriously, who knew Quinoa existed, or that there was a product called “Ezekial Bread”? I prepared all my meals tonight for tomorrow, so that should help me from breaking away.  Lets hope.
fingers crossed.

day 14: lost three more pounds!

2 Aug


WHAT I ATE:  I ingested 1925 calories and burned 618 calories. I started the day with cucumber water (a new favorite), a single box size of Frosted Mini Wheat, and a Fresca.  Lunch was pretty simple with a homemade spinach and cheese pizza.  Dinner was when I made it a bit fancy; I made seafood pasta with white sauce, had 4oz of champagne, and strawberries and cream for dessert. Having a plan throughout the day made a huge different is caloric intake control and making sure I ate healthy.

HOW I FELT:  I stayed away from caffeine today, and suffered a nasty headache at the end of the day, but holy Hell, I slept like a baby!  My workout was pretty good, and my coaching session went well. I was at a relative’s house around lunch time and didn’t really care for the food choices there, so I left and made my healthy personal pizza.  I didn’t feel guilty when I ate throughout the day. I drank around a gallon of water, and it helped me feel “cleaner”.  I know that is a strange word to use, but it’s the best I have to use at this time. 

Reflection: Water is awesome. Sleep is awesome.  When I got enough of both I found myself hitting a whole other sort of energy cycle!
Based on how I have felt sticking around 1800 calories I have lowered my caloric intake goal to 1800 per day. It’s enough to make me feel fueled without giving me the starving sensation that could put me into binge mode.   I think in another week I will start eliminating/limiting some processed foods.

Goals for the week: 95min out of 2 hours complete from the treadmill! Want to hit the weights, get a massage, and hit the pool this weekend.

day 12: I got 99 problems, and fitness is 1.

31 Jul


WHAT I ATE:  I ingested 1774 calories, and burned 295/305 (depends on the machine) doing a treadmill/dreadmill workout.  I stayed away from  (heavy) processed foods until dinner time (where I made Shepherd Pie for a family gathering). Breakfast consisted of a banana, full glass of water, two sausage balls, and Peace Tea.  Lunch was a Turkey sandwich, dry, with spinach.  I snacked on a banana between lunch and dinner to keep the blood sugar up {not diabetic, but blood sugar is connected to cravings) and drank three Frescas (zero calories!).   Dinner was a simple, homemade Shepherd Pie.  I felt full most of the day and kept below my caloric intake goal.

HOW I FELT:  Getting a full night of sleep genuinely helped my energy level.  I woke up feeling grouchy and generally hating anything to do with fitness, but by the time I left sports practice (for school) I was somewhat enthusiastic of a workout.  I started out on the eliptical – and that was a bit faster paced and swingy (not a word, I know, but work with me!) for my first workout back to the gym.  I settled on the treadmill and found a 5k training program.  So, I started on that and after the first ten minutes, and some great tunes* to get my mood elevated, I was feeling pretty good.  I didn’t complete a 5k, but I did complete a little over two miles with solid effort and incline.  My legs definitely felt it!  I got home and drank more water, then took a nap.  A nap isn’t a luxury  I will have once school starts in full swing – but considering all the changes and my crankiness, this felt like a good plan. 

Reflection: After my workout I craved cold foods and veggies.  I sincerely believe this is my body telling my brain what it needs to function properly.  There is a burger place next to the gym…and when I walked out to that odor I felt gross!  When I workout it makes picking healthier foods easier, or so it seems thus far. 

Goals for the week: 40min out of 2 hours complete from the treadmill!  I started a 5k training program on the treadmill/dreadmill.  I’m sore today, but really felt the endorphin rush after the workout. My long term plan is to start the week of training off with a distance walk/hike/jog, then the rest of the week do cross-training style cardio and weight lifting routines.  I loved lifting weights in the past, and feel this will be a good way to get healthy and do something to make myself stronger. 


*tunes listing:

  • Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer – Linkin Park and Jay Z
  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
  • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – Fall Out Boy
  • Bon, Bon – Pitbull
  • Time is Running Out – Muse
  • Remember the Name – Fort Minor
  • Single Ladies – Beyonce
  • Good Vibrations – Marky Mark
  • Titanium – David Guetta Ft. Sia
  • Sweet Nothing – Florence and the Machine
  • Feel So Close to You – Calvin Harris
  • Rock Superstar – Cypress Hill
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • Everybody – Backstreet Boys
  • Feel It in My Bones – Tiesto
  • One Step Closer – Linkin Park


 The above list is a sampling – and by the songs I know I give away my age group, if nothing else.  

Keep fighting the fitness fight folks. [I love alliteration]


oh, and here is my workout summary – training day 1!


day 9&10: the weekend of the binge – and need to [healthy] purge

29 Jul


WHAT I ATE: I kept my daily caloric intake around 2k. I’ll be honest – this weekend with the socializing (eating) made it hard to pick healthy foods – but I did okay.  I indulged and had regular Sprite and Sweet tea.  I can tell the difference in my tummy!  Day 9 I went ahead and had two glasses of Merlot.  According to the internet, this wine is fairly low calorie, especially in contrast to soda!  I finally slept well, but I would hardly take to drinking two glasses of wine before bed [author note: my great-grandmother drank a glass of red wine before bed every night of her elder life as it was said to help with her heart and sleeping.  Not a bad way to sleep, considering we live in a culture of A PILL FOR EVERYTHING].  I will also note here that I ate more protein (meats) this weekend and it was a boost of sorts.

HOW I FELT:  Not going to lie, I felt rebellious this weekend. I ate two meals a day that were decent in calories and fat content.  Who am I rebelling against?  This is a ridiculous mindset, and the sort of thinking that got me in an unhealthy lifestyle.  My lethargy of the late week was gone, but it is hard to say if this is due to the increased socialization, or the higher protein I was eating. Most definitely want to add fruits and more vegetables in my diet ASAP. 

Reflection: What was it about eating that made me feel rebellious? Or, is this some sort of mind-game I play with myself in a way to disguise apathy?  In all honesty, I feel like I hit a ‘WTF?’ barrier this weekend. I’m not seeing too many changes, or at least the fat girl in my head doesn’t seem to notice them.  The healthy girl in my head is going “LET’S DO THIS….WHY ARE YOU DIPPING THAT IN RANCH????” I don’t think I’m being hard on myself when I say I could try harder and get more physically engaged and mentally prepared before every meal.  I really like the plates they sell that show you what portion sizes you should eat.  I think I may get one to help me VISUALIZE what to do instead of having an abstract concept to tackle.

Goals for the week: joined a gym!  Woot!  I have their schedule and plan to hit two yoga classes and two Zumba classes!

day 3: low energy, high calories

22 Jul


WHAT I ATE: According to Myfitnesspal I ingested 2229 calories and burned 0 calories. It tasted like it was mostly fatty, high carb food today. I had three meals and a snack today, thinking about cutting out the snacks as it seems to make me hungrier throughout the day rather than keep me energized.


HOW I FELT: I was tired all day; I’m uncertain if it was the activity and heat from yesterday, or the staying out socializing, or the glass of wine I had last night, but I have bee tired all day.  I had a decent healthy breakfast, but for lunch I went to the movies with my parents.  At lunch, you had to order of the diner menu, so I had the cheese fries.  The low energy from before was increased after the stay in the dark and the high carb, high fatty cheese fries really zapped me.  I didn’t feel guilty today when I ate or drank anything, just tired.  The lack of energy really contributed to apathy today.  I really wanted to work out (or at least do more than clean the house) but I just couldn’t get the engine reving.  Tonight I plan to get solid 7 hours of sleep, and wake on time as to get a good workout before it get’s hotter than Hell in July.  

REFLECTION: I need to be more mindful of the evening activity and its affects on the following day’s energy.  UGH! I’m even tired typing this entry.

GOALS FOR THE WEEK: start 30 day squat challenge, work out every day this week (something! walking, swimming, hiking, rowing).