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jumpstart to skinny: week one

9 Sep

LBS TO GOAL: 82!  Hell yes!


Let me start this by saying that BOB HARPER DOESN’T PLAY. Holy Hell.  Caloric intake at 800 calories per day?  Pssht. I thought that was going to kill me! I must say, after three days on the program, the elimination of processed foods, more organic foods, and prescribed meals really made a huge difference! I know and it isn’t recommended to maintain the 800/day calorie count, but only three weeks.  I lost 11lbs in a week, and that isn’t bad! I don’t expect every week to be like this one, but I think pounding water constantly and keeping my sodium intake below 1000mg/day has really made a difference.  I feel cleaner inside, and I have “better energy”. 


When I say “better energy” – I mean that my energy is fueled from healthy food rather than sugar.  The weird cravings stopped on day three, but I still miss Root Beer and chocolate.  I went to an Oktoberfest and I really, really wanted to have a stein full of beer and a few brats, but I persevered!


Part of the Jumpstart to Skinny program requires 30 minutes of low-impact activity before you have breakfast.  I have a treadmill/dreadmill for that, but when I wake up late, I do this workout and nearly vomit:



Highly recommend this. If you are curious about the science behind the workout and if it is legitimate, google: Tabata workouts.  Good stuff.


Well, I start Week 2 tomorrow, and I have high hopes for myself and my goals.  I am closer than I was when I feel off the wagon a few weeks ago, and I am proud of myself for kicking ass.