day 22: Friday, I’m not in love (with my choices)

10 Aug


WHAT I ATE: Went over goal at 2183.  Lunch and dinner were provided by work, and I essentially planned very poorly.  Poor planning and not logging as I ate led to me going over my calorie intake goal.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  I don’t feel too bad, but I expect to have some energy lag as I didn’t get enough veg and fruit.

HOW I FELT: Not too bad, a bit sluggish, or apathetic. I’m not sure if that is due to having a slightly more sedentary day than I had planned, or poor food choices.  Tomorrow will be better.


REFLECTION:  Today was a perfect example of poor planning and its effects of healthy choices. 


GOALS FOR THE WEEK:  I did over 3hours of cardio.  I know I had a goal of 2 hours on a treadmill, but you can’t argue with the benefits of what I have done this week.  I lost some inches and weight, and feel so much better.   My weekend goals are to get an hour of activity – any sort of cardio – and some stretching.  My body is definitely feeling the changes, and it is vital that I spend some time stretching to help those changes.


day 21: bad body double

9 Aug


WHAT I ATE: I ingested 1708 calories and burned 708.  I wanted to switch up my breakfast and had a cup Raisin Bran Crunch with half a cup of 2% milk, and Propel Zero Water.  Lunch was a homemade hamburger and a bag of Cheetos.  My snacks were two bananas – I swear by bananas!  My dinner was a 10oz thin sirloin steak with two cups of spinach.  I also had three small tootsie rolls that they gave us at orientation.  I gave into temptation (luckily – only 150 calories of temptation!). I drank about 1/2 a gallon of water throughout the day, and two Sprite Zeroes.  Not bad for the amount of calories I ingested!  Planning was the key to success today.

HOW I FELT:  I felt “full” most of the day. I had enough energy today, but the change of pace during my work day made it absolutely necessary to drink water to stay alert.  Right now I still feel a bit bloated.  I need to eat more vegetables to counter this feeling! I felt sluggish when it came time to Zumba.  I don’t know if that was due to eating an hour previous, the change in work schedule, or both.  Regardless, I had a lot of fun and sweated a great deal!


REFLECTION: When I go to the gym, this is what I’m thinking: Image

and when I do Zumba, this is pretty much the situation:


So, when I go to the gym, sometimes I feel a bit conflicted.  I feel like there should be a transitioning gym for people like me that are trying to get in shape for the “real gym”. Is this ridiculous? Absolutely! But these are my feelings and I own them.  Zumba? I look hilarious, but I am sweating like a sinner in church and having fun.  My Zumba instructor is amazing, and I complimented her teaching style.  I am naturally very uncoordinated, but you know what? I’m moving! And I am moving a hell of a lot more than I was moving a month ago! I had to put a great deal of effort into not comparing myself to others, but rather comparing me to me.

GOALS FOR THE WEEK: I’ve had over two hours of cardio this week, and I am feeling amazing, and sore. Tomorrow I’ll do some light cardio and yoga at home. I am definitely in need of a stretch to help balance my body and get prepped for the upcoming weekend.


day 20: just keep swimming

8 Aug


WHAT I ATE:  I ingested 1778 calories and burned 798.  Today was very similar to yesterday, except that I ate dinner as well.  For dinner, I had a thin cut 6oz sirloin steak and two cups of spinach. So tasty and filling!


HOW I FELT: I’m very tired today – mostly because I was in the water and constantly moving.  In addition to my workout yesterday, this has really worn me out! I had a few sugar cravings throughout the day, but I placated it with the clever use of fruit!  Honestly, that was the best advice I’ve been given at this point in my journey.  I also stand by the benefits of staying away from processed foods.  While I am tired tonight, I know that it is the good tired; this feeling isn’t the cranky, defeated tired that I have when I fuel myself with crap.


REFLECTION: Stayed busy today and felt good about it. Keeping active and choosing healthy foods is definitely a struggle; the way I see it, it is hard to be unhealthy, and it is hard to make healthy choices – so I should do what is hard and good for me rather than hard and bad for me.  


GOALS FOR THE WEEK: Pool work completed today, tomorrow some time on the treadmill and ZUMBA!  I need more time on the treadmill to hit my 2 hour goal.


side note: I threw away my scale. It was a cheap digital one from Walmart. The past few days I have had trouble getting an accurate reading from it.  I usually take three readings to make sure it’s accurate, but I would do up to five readings and none of the weights would be the same!!!! So, I threw it away and plan to use the scale at the gym to keep track.  That scale seems to be fancy and the same type they use at the doctors office. 

day 19: zumba – dancing calories away, and dancing away negative thoughts!

7 Aug


WHAT I ATE: I ingested 1514 calories  and burned 999 calories according to Myfitnesspal app.  I started the day with a Zeal Fitness Shake, which kept me feeling full until lunch time.  My pre and post workout snacks were bananas. The bananas were delicious and good blood sugar boosters! My mom and I went to a Korean restaurant for lunch; I had Yaki-Mandu, Pajun Korean Pancake, and Daeji Bulgolgi.  Korean food, when ordered correctly, is quite healthy.  Usually my mom and I eat way too much, but I was able to keep my portions under control.  It was a late lunch, so that carried my through the day.   I was still feeling full at dinner, so I skipped dinner.  Probably not the best idea, but I technically ate four times today, and this kept me fueled and feeling good.


HOW I FELT: Throughout the day I felt “full” and really didn’t have any gross cravings.  I think I should have drank more water, but overall I stayed feeling good. I felt fairly proud of myself until Zumba.  The Zumba class is in a dance room that has mirrored walls.  I started out smiling while I was sweating!  I felt reckless abandon and enjoyed the activity UNTIL I LOOKED AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR. It has been said that comparison is the thief of joy, and when I looked in the mirror, I started to mentally compare myself to other people around me, and I felt sad. I kept taking glances at my doughy tummy, my calves and kept thinking of the word “cankles”. Then suddenly it hit me what the hell am I thinking? Seriously, I was having fun! I quit watching myself and just focused on dancing.  I went back to having fun, but I decided I will never again go to an aerobic class wearing all one color. Ever.

I’m feeling a bit sore now, and a bit tired, but it’s the good version of these feelings.  I feel like I did good things for my body that will make me a bit sore tomorrow, but I REGRET NOTHING. Well, I regret wearing all black to the Zumba class; aside from that – I REGRET NOTHING.

REFLECTION: I usually don’t have the negative thoughts I have today. Mostly, when I reflect on my body, I think of the unhealthy part or the away from goal part.  I can’t remember when I just looked in a mirror and felt the way I did today.  I’m going to use this feeling to inspire me to continue this journey rather than dissuade myself from it.  I feel stronger today for my workouts, but there is still that seed of loathing that I am going to work at destroying.  My Zumba instructor complimented me for my work today and said I did well.  She was quite amiable and really made it easier to learn and have fun.  My self-consciousness was definitely eased by her teaching style!  I plan to keep up with the Zumba as long as my teaching/coaching schedule allows.  I really loved it and hope to keep working at this. 


GOALS FOR THE WEEK: Since I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday (EFF you insomnia), I hit the treadmill/dreadmill today to get my minutes/miles today. I spent 30 minutes of my 2 hour goal on the machine! I went to a Zumba class today per my goal yesterday, and plan to go again Thursday (day 21).  I need to get another hour and a half on the treadmill/dreadmill, and I plan to go to a yoga class tomorrow or swim to help stretch out my body.  VICTORY SHALL SOON BE MINE! 

Also – I think staying away from processed foods and eating more fruit has been the key to success this past week or so.

day 18

6 Aug


What I ate:  I was at 1796 calories.  Did good with food choices, but stayed away from caffeine due to yesterday/last night’s debacle.

How I felt: F&*KING MISERABLE. I hate caffeine late the night before and was plagued by insomnia. I’d write more, but the day was abysmal failure and I want to sleep.





day 17: cheat day, but not sweet day.

5 Aug


WHAT I ATE:  I ate 1567 calories, and didn’t burn any.  I didn’t eat as many vegetables as I usually do, but I did keep under the calorie count.  I ate three solid meals today and didn’t really snack like I do when I workout or coach.  I think the sweetest thing I ingested today was a Diet Dr. Pepper.

HOW I FELT:  I still did not feel the “hunger” throughout the day.  However, I am not feeling my stomach getting any smaller, so I am concerned about that.  I think in the coming weeks I need to be mindful of not only the processed foods, but also the sodium intake.  One of my relatives ended up having congestive heart failure, and sodium was a huge partner in that.  Another relative became a Type 2 diabetic, and must monitor everything. That is on my mind as I make these lifestyle changes.

Reflection:  I am not saying I deserved a “cheat day”, but I will say that I deserved a break away from people.  I am an introvert, and honestly even being around people in a gym can irritate me if I don’t take sometime to be alone.  Although I didn’t workout today, I kept my eye on what I ate and how much of it I ate.  My version of a “cheat day” is to have a day off from working out or being around people.  I don’t want to be bad about my diet, because in the past when I cheat, I get in this vicious VORTEX OF BAD CHOICES that send me completely off my diet.  I plan to keep it this way.  I CAN DO IT.

Goals for the weekend:
I didn’t workout today.  I spent the day researching in preparation for the week ahead, and just gave myself a day off.  I was pretty spent from yesterday, and watching my calories helped keep me in check.  Tomorrow I am back to the grind!

GOALS FOR THE COMING WEEK: Go to the gym everyday this week.  I want at least two hours on the treadmill/dreadmill if not 2.5hours. With my schedule changing in the coming weeks, it is very important that I get on a fitness routine that I can maintain.  Strongly thinking about putting it on my GoogleCalendar to ensure that I do this!

day 16: swimming the calories away

4 Aug


WHAT I ATE:  I ingested 1693 calories and burned 797.  I had a simple breakfast of a lean hamburger patty.  Lunch was heavy with carbs by eating a soft pretzel with cheese and I split a jumbo hot dog.   Dinner was a mixed salad of spinach, grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and crumbled hamburger meat.   My treat after dinner was strawberries with cool whip.  I really like that low calorie treat!

HOW I FELT:  I never felt “hunger” throughout the day.  I don’t know if it was because I chose foods with more fiber, or if it was that I stayed active all day – but it was a good day fitness and food choices wise.

Reflection:  I had the 1800 calorie goal, and I totally kept that and then some.  I made healthy choices and stayed active – good fuel meant good fun.

Goals for the weekend: WORKOUT BOTH DAYS. Today, I burned 797 by spending so much time and energy in the water. I am utterly spent from the day.