After another break from posting – I return victoriously! and I ran!

16 Oct

LBS TO GOAL: 75.6  – hell yes I lost 25lbs in 6wks!

What I eat: I mostly stay away from processed foods; if I eat any fast food at all, it would be a bean burrito, or an EGG WHITE DELITE as a rare “cheat”. I have increase my tea drinking. I probably don’t drink anywhere near as much I should, but I stay hydrated.

How I Feel: I feel so much better. Not simply because I can fit into my clothes easier, but I have “better energy”. I felt so great today – after two months of walking – I decided to run!  I moved as if I was running through peanut butter, but I ran and I felt FANTASTIC after the 23:50 minute run.


Goals: I want to do this running thing at least three times a week.  The nights I don’t run, I want to go for a long walk. With possibilities of seasonal depression right around the corner, I need to use this “natural anti-depressant”.




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