day 23 & 24: good weekend, sore weekend

12 Aug


WHAT I ATE: Saturday’s intake was at 2027, burn 688, Sunday’s intake was 1288, burn 501.  I stayed away from processed foods during the day, and in the evening snacked on some pretzels.  Saturday evening I had a glass of white wine, and was perfectly content.  Saturday was a long, hard day, and it was a lower calorie beverage.

HOW I FELT: I’m pretty exhausted from the weekend.  Between working the carwash yesterday and deep cleaning the house today, I’m a bit spent. Today I had very low calories, and I didn’t suffer for it.  Food tastes different now.  I don’t know if it is a hormone thing or what, but I was totally put off by cheese today.  I suppose it is a good thing if processed food tastes “yucky” to me. 

REFLECTION: I’m pretty happy about my progress thus far.  However, day 22 and 23 were again examples of poor planning leading to higher caloric intake.  If I am to stay on track for my goals it is utterly essential that I do well at planning.  Granted, day 22 was a sort of “cheat day” of sorts, but day 23 should have had lower intake.  I burned a great deal of calories, but I should have drank more water to meet my body’s needs.


GOALS FOR THE WEEK: 3 hours of cardio, lower caloric intake (1500 per day), more water daily!  Also – kick off new school year with healthy, positive attitude!


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