Return Victorious – and down a bunch of weight

3 Mar

LBS to goal = 54!!!!


Hey friends.  Sorry it took so long to update.  My laptop died in October, and thanks to the TAX RETURN fairy, I bought a new computer by which to keep you updated.   I’ve lost forty pounds!  I got frustrated with essentially fighting my body.  I was tired all the time, working out, dieting – and to little result.  So, I went to a bariatric specialist and got on a Weight Loss program.  They tested a bunch of my blood and discovered I have HYPOTHYROIDISM – which essentially means my metabolism doesn’t work.  It also screwed up a bunch of other stuff too, and now that I have been on the program for five weeks, I have never felt better.  My lifestyle (diet) changed dramatically.  I gave up carbs and sugars, but now I have a ton of energy, so I don’t miss it much.

What I eat daily:  I eat 12oz a day of lean meats, three fruits, and about four cups of greens a day.  And a gallon of water.  The first week was hard, but eventually I got better at it.  I am not lying – I feel so much better physically and mentally.  My workouts are cleaner and more dynamic, and I signed up for two 5k races this Spring.


It’s been good, and hopefully tomorrow I can post some before/during pictures.


What I do in the gym:  I go by the 30 or 3 rule;  I either do cardio for thirty minutes straight, or I do three miles of my bounce-walk-run. I try to mix it up with circuit training with weights, but that is about twice a week.


After another break from posting – I return victoriously! and I ran!

16 Oct

LBS TO GOAL: 75.6  – hell yes I lost 25lbs in 6wks!

What I eat: I mostly stay away from processed foods; if I eat any fast food at all, it would be a bean burrito, or an EGG WHITE DELITE as a rare “cheat”. I have increase my tea drinking. I probably don’t drink anywhere near as much I should, but I stay hydrated.

How I Feel: I feel so much better. Not simply because I can fit into my clothes easier, but I have “better energy”. I felt so great today – after two months of walking – I decided to run!  I moved as if I was running through peanut butter, but I ran and I felt FANTASTIC after the 23:50 minute run.


Goals: I want to do this running thing at least three times a week.  The nights I don’t run, I want to go for a long walk. With possibilities of seasonal depression right around the corner, I need to use this “natural anti-depressant”.



255 calorie dinner yum!

10 Sep



jumpstart to skinny: week one

9 Sep

LBS TO GOAL: 82!  Hell yes!


Let me start this by saying that BOB HARPER DOESN’T PLAY. Holy Hell.  Caloric intake at 800 calories per day?  Pssht. I thought that was going to kill me! I must say, after three days on the program, the elimination of processed foods, more organic foods, and prescribed meals really made a huge difference! I know and it isn’t recommended to maintain the 800/day calorie count, but only three weeks.  I lost 11lbs in a week, and that isn’t bad! I don’t expect every week to be like this one, but I think pounding water constantly and keeping my sodium intake below 1000mg/day has really made a difference.  I feel cleaner inside, and I have “better energy”. 


When I say “better energy” – I mean that my energy is fueled from healthy food rather than sugar.  The weird cravings stopped on day three, but I still miss Root Beer and chocolate.  I went to an Oktoberfest and I really, really wanted to have a stein full of beer and a few brats, but I persevered!


Part of the Jumpstart to Skinny program requires 30 minutes of low-impact activity before you have breakfast.  I have a treadmill/dreadmill for that, but when I wake up late, I do this workout and nearly vomit:



Highly recommend this. If you are curious about the science behind the workout and if it is legitimate, google: Tabata workouts.  Good stuff.


Well, I start Week 2 tomorrow, and I have high hopes for myself and my goals.  I am closer than I was when I feel off the wagon a few weeks ago, and I am proud of myself for kicking ass.

fell off the wagon – and I’ll need to get going again.

3 Sep

LBS FROM GOAL: 94.3Well, this is humbling.  The beginning of the new school year and its demands really put me off of making healthy choices and sticking to my healthy habits.  Not to take things lightly, I started doing a little research…and decided to go with the guru who inspired me in the past: Bob Harper. 


Joke all you want – but when I did his dvds and followed his advice – I lost 40lbs.  When I quit following? I gained it back and then some. So, I bought his book, Jump Start to Skinny and plan to give it a go.  Lots of rules, but I need rules and structure.  I read another bloggers ( and they found some success with it – in addition to providing a grocery list!
a lot of this food I have never heard of! Seriously, who knew Quinoa existed, or that there was a product called “Ezekial Bread”? I prepared all my meals tonight for tomorrow, so that should help me from breaking away.  Lets hope.
fingers crossed.

Interim post

15 Aug

This is a place holder to let y’all know that I am keeping track of my calorie consumption.  I have kept that information on my other computer.


Let’s just say I made bad food choices, feel terrible, and let bad habits take over while my stress and schedule kicked into high gear.  More to follow tomorrow -when I have more than 5 minutes to myself – as well as better decisions tomorrow.


UGH!  I feel so gross.

day 23 & 24: good weekend, sore weekend

12 Aug


WHAT I ATE: Saturday’s intake was at 2027, burn 688, Sunday’s intake was 1288, burn 501.  I stayed away from processed foods during the day, and in the evening snacked on some pretzels.  Saturday evening I had a glass of white wine, and was perfectly content.  Saturday was a long, hard day, and it was a lower calorie beverage.

HOW I FELT: I’m pretty exhausted from the weekend.  Between working the carwash yesterday and deep cleaning the house today, I’m a bit spent. Today I had very low calories, and I didn’t suffer for it.  Food tastes different now.  I don’t know if it is a hormone thing or what, but I was totally put off by cheese today.  I suppose it is a good thing if processed food tastes “yucky” to me. 

REFLECTION: I’m pretty happy about my progress thus far.  However, day 22 and 23 were again examples of poor planning leading to higher caloric intake.  If I am to stay on track for my goals it is utterly essential that I do well at planning.  Granted, day 22 was a sort of “cheat day” of sorts, but day 23 should have had lower intake.  I burned a great deal of calories, but I should have drank more water to meet my body’s needs.


GOALS FOR THE WEEK: 3 hours of cardio, lower caloric intake (1500 per day), more water daily!  Also – kick off new school year with healthy, positive attitude!